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We solve business problems with analytical models that makes knowledge profitable and optimizes the digital transformation process.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Team of more than 60 people, of which 80% are Analytical Consulting Engineers

+700 Projects
Implemented in Analytics and Financial Planning

+250.000 Hours
In BI Projects, on average 40,000 hours/year

+1.200.000 Hours
In Implementation Analytics and Financial Planning Projects

Analytics in your business

We have developed a methodology based on the philosophy of design thinking, which leverages analytics to eliminate the uncertainty of digital initiatives and accelerate the transformation process. Solving business problems with analytical models that make knowledge profitable and optimize digital transformation processes.

Our Portfolio

Advanced Analytics & AI

Procalidad accompanies its clients in generating models from the data that allow describing, classifying or predicting behaviors and patterns to make better decisions.

Business Analytical Architecture

Procalidad helps you design the best way to manage your data, including its capture from internal and external sources, its integration and its organization into physical or virtual data warehouses.

Data Management and Integration

Our agnostic vision allows the implementation of analytical processes for the use of available tools, identification of cases and delivery of successful corrective processes.


Strategies, policies, processes, and business models need to be replanted to improve, through analysis, the competitiveness and profitability of the company.

Technological Platform Management

We carry out delegated management of those business processes in which we have strength, with high quality standards, to help you optimize your reliability

Planning Analytics and Optimization

Models that show a complete view of the company's financial situation and allow it to simulate scenarios to evaluate the impact of variations of key indicators.

Data Factory

We serve the macro and micro needs of the business in the short and medium term with a very professional team, with diverse capabilities and at a low cost for the realization of complex projects.


We structure a team of professionals of the highest level, tailored to the needs of the business or data analysis.




Banking & Insurance



Mines & Energy



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