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Who is Procalidad?

Colombian company with 34 years of experience in analytics issues

We make the knowledge profitable

We innovate in the operation
of your business

We optimize processes for digital transformation

We improve performance
of your organization


PROCALIDAD S.A.S. was founded in 1.989 as a management consulting company in process improvement and strategic planning. It currently provides services in Enterprise Analytical Architecture, Data Management and Integration, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Planning and Optimization.

Who are we?

We contribute to the improvement of the performance and competitiveness of our clients, providing information solutions for decision making, which allow them to respond effectively to their questions and business needs, through the monetization of their data.

We have a team of consultants of the highest level and with a deep knowledge of the different sectors of the economy.

The reason for our services is that our customers can:

  • Accelerate the growth of your companies through the monetization of your data.

  • Permanent monitoring of key indicators.

  • Make timely adjustments in the operation to achieve the planned results.

  • Better understand your data sources to transform into relevant information and strategic thinking.

Contact us


PBX: +571 743 4711

+57 313 870 0921
+57 317 728 3682
+57 317 892 9424
Calle 127 D # 70 D 06
Bogotá, Colombia