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Planning and Optimization

Banking & Insurance
Financial Planning Model

Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytical model for budgeting and monitoring, to obtain a competitive advantage according to market variations.

Banking & Insurance
Labour Costs and Compensation Model

Model for generating high-impact scenarios for negotiations with the workers ' union. Follow-up aligned with production planning.

Banking & Insurance
Project Model and Financial Simulator

Investment evaluation model, allows capex and projected depreciation analysis.

Data analysis

Banking & Insurance
Migration of Legacy Processes

Legacy processes implemented on the Big Data Hadoop platform by which network counters are captured from infrastructure elements.

Banking & Insurance
Network Access Indicators

Multidimensional models and dashboards to monitor accessibility, profitability, usage, quality, capacity, availability, mobility and coverage indicators for 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Banking & Insurance
Income guarantee

Model of execution of processes of reconciling income control automatically. Dashboards for revenue visualization with multiple period forecast.

Energy Model

Descriptive and predictive analytical model on key indicators to reduce the rate of energy loss by optimizing inspection operations and improving assertiveness in detecting energy theft.

Banking & Insurance
Model Sarlft

Our solution provides access to information for self-service reporting through two data models created for this purpose.

Actuarial Model

Dashboards for the areas of: automobile, SOAT, liability, multi-risk, life (MPP) and health (HYC) for an insurance company.

Business Analysis Factory

It addresses the needs of different areas of the company to provide strategic, tactical and operational information to support decision making, current situation analysis, trend identification/predictions and data mining.

Banking & Insurance
BI / BA / Big Data Projects

Prepaid ladder: Control of users in prepaid and their age Income assurance controls: Aimed at mitigating the loss of income and making calculations to predict economic income by business units: prepaid and postpaid.

Banking & Insurance
Platform and BPO Management

We manage your business processes with high quality standards, optimizing your operating costs, providing technical support to all the software and solutions included in our portfolio.

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Data governance


Financial Planning

Webinar: Optimize your business planning processes

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